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At Lead Design and Renovation we believe good design is timeless and yet at the same time it is personal and fulfilling. Working closely with every client ensures we achieve this balance with every project. Attention to detail is paramount in design; everything from space, light, colour and texture must be considered. We work hard at understanding every client’s individual style while at the same time adding our expertise to produce something brilliant.


Using measurements, renderings and architectural platforms Lead Design and Renovation specializes in creating spaces unique to the character of each client. We incorporate our knowledge of design, materials and space to ensure excellence in each and every project. We strive to make every experience an enjoyable one. Our design, renovation and construction professionals are licensed, insured, reliable and reputable. Every project, large or small, is a priority. Every step in the design process is handled with the highest level of professionalism, from the initial consultation to the final walk-through, every detail is critically examined, evaluated and solved.


Design starts with you. Every space, like every person, is different. Our team of designers enjoy discovering the needs and wants of every individual client. Design is fundamentally about what you feel when you first walk into a space. It has the ability to articulate the essence of who you are. We not only understand these principals but are also passionate about them. Our designers will work with you to create your dream space.


Stimulating Upscale Design

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Renovations that make a difference.

We work with talented professionals in all aspects of our business. Whether it be trades, architects or designers, you can be confident you are getting quality across the board.


The Process

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Step by step

Step 1: Consultation

Step 2: Quote Preparation

Step 3: Deposit & Measurements

Step 4: Layout/Floor plan

Step 5: Design

Step 6: Presentation

Step 7: Work Begins

Step 8: Update

Step 9: Final Walk Through



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