We work with talented professionals in all aspects of our business. Whether it be trades, architects or designers, you can be confident you are getting quality across the board.


Lead Design and Renovation work all forms of properties, including residential homes, condos, cottages and income properties. Projects include:

  • kitchens

  • bathrooms

  • living space

  • exteriors and landscaping

  • basement finishing

  • space management

  • project overseeing

  • renovation

  • colour/material consultation

  • staging

  • custom furniture

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The Process:

Step 1: Consultation

A consultation is used to help us establish and understand the client’s style and tastes. It is fundamental to ensure the project develops correctly. During this meeting we will do a preliminary measure of the space, we will evaluate the scope of the project and the client’s goals and budget. By the end of this meeting we will have a very clear idea of the client’s lifestyle, taste and how they envision the space. Depending on the magnitude of the project this meeting can be anywhere from one to three hours.


Step 2: Quote Preparation

1. We will establish an idea of the work your project will require.

2. Review your goals, needs and wants for the project.

3. Review all measurements taken.

4. Investigate materials to be used and labour required.

5. Determine (if required) permit costs.

6. Build a quote based on the scope of work.


Step 3: Deposit & Measurements

At this time, if the quote is agreed upon, a deposit and contract agreement will be required to move forward. A date and time is then set to take construction measurements. Photographs of the areas involved in the project will be taken for reference. All deposits are credited toward the final invoice for the project. This deposit will vary on the scope and projected work of the project.


Step 4: Layout/Floor plan

Our team of designers will review all measurements and develop floor plans for each individual room. Floor plans allow us to evaluate what will fit the space. We can manipulate the space and pieces to determine best use. A meeting is scheduled to go over the various potential floor plans where we will discuss the benefits of each.


Step 5: Design

After establishing the floor plan(s) we then create the design plan. This involves developing a colour scheme and deciding what materials and fixtures will be used. Flooring, cabinets, countertops, trim, lighting fixtures and other required materials are determined at this time. This is another pivotal time in the design process. All aspects must work together and every detail matters.


Step6: Presentation

The presentation meeting is scheduled as soon as the design is ready. At this time we go over the drawings, floor plans and materials we have chosen for the final design in detail. All parties should be confident and satisfied with all decisions. If necessary, it is at this stage where we will arrange for structural engineers to check for load baring walls, as well as other professionals to provide permits where necessary.


Step 7: Work Begins

We will schedule the trades accordingly and oversee their work regularly to ensure the project is of the highest quality and exactly what is in the design. Any questions or concerns are addressed throughout this process.


Step 8: Update

Managing the project is our responsibility and we take it very seriously. The work being done is continually inspected by our team to ensure quality and efficiency. At the mid-point of the project we will meet to review progress, concerns, schedule, payments or anything else the client sees fit.


Step 9: Final Walk Through

When the project is completed we will go through and inspect every area. If needed, we will address any issues and have them resolved immediately.



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